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November 2018

The seas off the coast of Mirissa offers a once in a lift time opportunity for visitors as it is currently becoming a major hotspot for spotting Whales and Dolphins. The main part of Sri Lanka for watching whales and dolphins is Dondra Point of down south because it is located closely to their migration path. The season for sighting these mammals during the months November to April, out of which December, January and April are the peak months during these months the probability of spotting sperm whales

Sri Lankas history, rich in spices, began over 2,500 years ago. In the 16th century Ceylon, as it was then known, was discovered by Portuguese who soon began trading in cinnamon and other spices. The Dutch and British followed bringing with them their own history and influences, forming a strong western presence which created a history of food expressed with spices which can be tasted in the dishes today. The Spices which are a vital part of Sri Lankan food are used by her people with such ease, creating

The gems of Sri Lanka are woven in to his history. The Mahavansa, the ancient chronicle of Sri Lanka to mentioned about gems and jewellery. Indeed, the Lord Buddha himself is sad to have had to come to Sri Lanka from India to settle a dispute between two kings, Chulodara and Mahodara, over a throne of gems. King Solomon is reported to have had jems brought from this island to win the heart of beautiful Queens. The great traveler, Marco Polo, Was said to have been so awe

The concept of ayurveda is old as the civilization of mankind .This had taken many turns, inherited many and ideology along the passage of time, getting refined in to a fine art. The word “ayurveda “is made of two syllables. The first part “ayur” means long life “veda” means science. A man who wishes to live along and healthy life should follow this concept. Ayurveda shows how you can achieve this long and healthy life .The basic rule or the law is to live among and to take

Handicrafts Objects carved in a mood , made of brass and silver, decorated with lacquer , hand woven cloth and lace, beautiful reed mats , attractive batiks , pottery mask are among the handicraft items made by the traditional  craftsmen of Sri Lanka , These  are  available in the government handicraft emporium called  ‘Laksala’ in Colombo and its branches in major outstation cities and towns and in numerous privately owned handicraft shops . Wood Carving Wood carving is practiced by traditional craftsmen in the Kandyan region and Galle. Religious and secular

Sri Lanka is blessed with innumerable waterfalls. In fact the island nation has highest waterfalls density (number of waterfalls per unit area) in the world. There are some 103 rivers and streams in Sri Lanka. Radiating from the hills, fed by two half-yearly monsoons, these rivers rush down the rocky precipices and form spectacular waterfalls. Only some of these picturesque waterfalls can be viewed with ease, while others are located inside thick forests and around tea plantations. Bambarakanda Ella: Bambarakanda Ella is the highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka with

Village Tours Sri Lanka is designed to experience the sri lankan village life in the countryside of Sri Lanka and it can be a truly fascinating experience. enjoy a bullock cart ride in hiriwadunna village in habarana.The homes in each village tends to be inhabited by entire family generations. The village explorations sri lanka would give you the opportunity to pass some relaxing days in Sri Lankan countryside and to have some time off your hectic schedule. Hiriwadunna village tour in harabana sri lanka, and meemure sri lanka

Stilt fishing, has been a traditional fishing practice found among the fishing communities in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. Once prevalent in a limited number of localities including Induruwa, Koggala, Kumbalgama, Aranwala, Midigama, Thalarambe and Kathaluwa, stilt fishing has now spread deeper and further into the South of Sri Lanka as far as Weligama. Fishermen seated on a stilt, made by attaching a wide bar to a large wooden pole carrying a rudimentary fishing rod is a permanent fixture of the scene that cannot be missed when traveling

Traditional Kandyan dances include the cobra dance, mask dance, the Ginisila, showing power over fire. The entire frenetic and colourful spectacle climaxes with the amazing fire-walking act. All four men are dressed similarly with a white turban-like headdress with colorful ribbon adorning it and what looks like a red feather at the back. They have long earrings and a wide and ornate collar which drapes over their shoulders and ends in a triangular point at the top of their chest. Below this, they wear a red bodice, trimmed with

Golf in Sri Lanka is a wonderful experience to savor the distinctive charm and rich culture heritage of an island nation. We have developed truly memorable Sri Lanka Golf Holidays that will give you great insight into one of the world’s most unique travel destinations. In the sporting arena Sri Lanka is well known for their prowess in sports like Cricket and Rugby and virtually unknown in the field of Golf. The island nation boasts of having 4 (four) 18 hole golf courses of which 3 (three) are

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