Arts and Crafts in Sri Lanka

Arts and Crafts in Sri Lanka


Objects carved in a mood , made of brass and silver, decorated with lacquer , hand woven cloth and lace, beautiful reed mats , attractive batiks , pottery mask are among the handicraft items made by the traditional  craftsmen of Sri Lanka , These  are  available in the government handicraft emporium called  ‘Laksala’ in Colombo and its branches in major outstation cities and towns and in numerous privately owned handicraft shops .

Wood Carving

Wood carving is practiced by traditional craftsmen in the Kandyan region and Galle. Religious and secular objects, household articles, figurines, wall decorations are among the several items carved wood. The art is even extended to decorating doorways, pillars, doors and windows places of worship. Moratuwa a suburb of Colombo is well known wooden furniture.


Colourful, dramatic fabrics designer garments in a wax resist dying technique of Indonesian origin but distinctly Sri Lankan Design. The batik tradition based on the cultural tradition of Sri Lanka. There are vivid colourful batik styles in Sri Lanka. There are Batik cloths, scarf, wall hangings made the men and women make the batik items in rural areas.

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