Sri Lanka Waterfalls

Sri Lanka Waterfalls

Sri Lanka is blessed with innumerable waterfalls. In fact the island nation has highest waterfalls density (number of waterfalls per unit area) in the world. There are some 103 rivers and streams in Sri Lanka. Radiating from the hills, fed by two half-yearly monsoons, these rivers rush down the rocky precipices and form spectacular waterfalls. Only some of these picturesque waterfalls can be viewed with ease, while others are located inside thick forests and around tea plantations.

Bambarakanda Ella: Bambarakanda Ella is the highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka with a height of 263m (865 feet). It is a seasonal waterfall and is at its peak capacity October to March. The main access to the falls is along a minor but motorable road via Haputale and Kalupahana. Kalupahana is 22 km from Balangoda or 32 km from Wellawaya. From Kalupahana proceeding 3 km along a narrow road through Weerakoonagama one can e reach at the fall. The beauty of the fall is that the whole stream sways to and fro due to the very strong winds blowing across it.

Diyaluma Waterfall: Diyaluma is the 2nd highest waterfall of Sri Lanka with a height of 559 feet. Fed by the Poonagala Oya, the fall is 13 km from Wellawaya town and 6km from Koslanda in the Hills. The fall has a folklore attached to it. According to a legend Gods, seeing the heartbreak of a prince whose runaway romance ended in the death of his sweetheart whom he had tried to haul over the Diyaluma precipice, created this beautiful cascade to weep forever in the wilderness.

Duhinda Falls: Duhinda is a spectacular waterfall situated close to Badulla, an ancient hill capital. Fed by Baduluoya, a tributary of Mahaweli Ganga, the fall is 210 feet high. to reach the fall, one has to travel about 5 km from Badulla along the Mahiyangana road, and trek for another 2km, away from the main road.

Galagediyana Ella: This waterfall is very close to Colombo can be reached off Dedigama- where the famous Kotavehera Dagoba is located. The fall is 35 feet high and presents a breathtaking sight. Literally Galagediyana means large number of stones and it is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka.

Ravana Ella: Ravana Ella is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka. The fall is connected to the legend of Ramayana. The cave hidden behind the falls is believed to be one of the places where Ravana hid Sita. The fall is fed by a tributary of River Kirindi and is visible from the Ella-Wellawaya road. The fall has a height of about 30 feet and plunges over series of steps into the valley.

Bobath Ella: Bobath Ella is a spectacular waterfall situated close to Colombo. The fall has height of 100 feet. The name Bobath Ella derives from its perfect heart-shaped head, much like the leaf of the sacred Bo tree. Due to proximity to Colombo, the fall is a favorite picnic spot.

Saint Claire Waterfall: Saint Claire is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is composed of two waterfalls- “Maha Ella” and “Kuda Ella”. “Maha Ella” is 80m high and falls in three cascades down to Kothmale fall. “Kuda Ella” is 60m high and flows to the Kothmale fall too. The fall can be seen clearly away from A-7 road, 3 km off Thalawakalle.

Alupollla Ella: Alupolla Ella fall has a height of 200 ft and is composed of three parts. The fall is located 25km away from Rathnapura in the Wewalwatte village.

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