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Village Tours Sri Lanka is designed to experience the sri lankan village life in the countryside of Sri Lanka and it can be a truly fascinating experience. enjoy a bullock cart ride in hiriwadunna village in habarana.The homes in each village tends to be inhabited by entire family generations. The village explorations sri lanka would give you the opportunity to pass some relaxing days in Sri Lankan countryside and to have some time off your hectic schedule. Hiriwadunna village tour in harabana sri lanka, and meemure sri lanka are some of the sri lanka attractions for the village tours sri lanka.

Top Attractions & Activities in Village tour

  • Bullock Cart Ride
    We started the tour from a bullock cart which is used before many years ago. It will to the guest around the village for 1 hour.
  • Boat Ride
    after the little walking from the bullock cart then the next adventure is the catamaran ride which is more attractive. Guests can enjoy the time in the lake while watching the nice birds and pretty scenery of the lake around 1 hour.
  • Village House experience
  • Walk in Chena
  • Sri Lankan Lunch (rice and curry / coconut roti with sambal)
  • Tree houses
  • Village vegetables farms and paddy fields

Then we take the guest to the village house which is made out of clay in a very calm place. First they will warmly welcome the quest with some herbal drinks. Then the cookery demonstration will began. After that they can enjoy the pure Sri Lankan lunch. Then they can walk around the garden and see the vegetables and herbs that they grow and climb the tree house which is another interesting thing. The guest can enjoy the time as they want. Then you will be transferred back to your hotel in Habarana and relax.

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