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November 2018

Despite its natural beauty, the western peninsular area of Kalpitiya in the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka is remarkably untouched by tourism. But for those lucky enough to visit, there’s a plethora of things to see and do! With the small close-knit fishing community dominating the lives of the local people, visitors can get a real insight into working life away from the city. After watching the night fishing boats return in the morning, a visit to one of the fish markets offers the opportunity to choose the

The Madu ganga river enters the sea at Balapitiya and is a stunning setting of winding waterways with pristine mangrove forests and many islands within. Recognised by the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands of International Importance, the river is home to many species of ecological significance. Colourful birds fly above as monkeys perched atop trees grin down at you and water monitors swim by. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the river is on a journey by boat. Glide through blue waters lined by shady mangroves, glimpse

In Sri Lanka most of the wild elephants living in Minneriya, Kaudulla, Wasgamauwa national park area. Indeed, 200 – 250 Domestic elephants living on this island. In fact, Sri Lanka few places are available for elephant riding. Elephant ride in Sri Lanka is a very popular activity among the children and also one of the favorites of the adults. The scenery Elephant ride is not only a ride; it is a marvelous way to explore the Sri Lankan nature. You will get a chance to ride though wildest

A visit to the Royal Botanical Garden Paradeniya near Kandy, Hakgala Gardens near Nuwara Eliya and Botanical Gardens Gampaha will pay rich dividends. To the botanist, this is indeed a land of plenty. The diversified climate allows for the growth of tropical as well as sub-tropical trees. The luxuriant undergrowth and tall majestic trees of the wet-zone tropical forest contrast with the arid scrub land and talipot palms of the dry north. In the hills, vegetation varies from the almost treeless patnas of Horton Plains to the dark

Over one thousand kilometers of palm fringed sandy beaches encircle the Island. Sri Lanka is never out of season for a beach holiday. The beach resorts in the West Coast, South Coast and the East Coast are the most popular with people who enjoy taking a dip in the warm waters and relaxing on the sandy beach. MT.LAVINIA: Eleven kilometers south from Colombo along the road to Galle is the beach resort of Mt.Lavinia. the sea is safe for bathing and is a popular bathing spot with clean sandy

WATER RAFTING FUN, THRILL AND EXCITEMENT White water rafting is one of the most amusing and recreational activities that people love to have once in their life time. It is a highly exciting and thrilling water sport that demands extraordinary physical strength. Generally, white water rafting is enjoyed in the white-waters and other chaotic waters that bring the most memorable and enchanting experience to those who are enthusiasts for water sports. Moreover, some of the well-known rivers of Sri Lanka offer opportunity for water sport lovers to enjoy white

Although Sri-Lanka is a small island its diversity of bird species is significantly high. There are 453 species authentically recorded to date from the country (Warakagoda, et. el., 2012). Sri-Lanka being a tropical island it also possesses high endemic bird diversity. The most recent major ornithological publication on the South Asian region recognizes that 33 species of birds are endemic to the island. The reasons for a rich diversity of bird species in Sri-Lanka. The island is situated in the tropics within a natural zoogeographic region (named the Oriental Region)

Sri Lanka’s mountainous terrain offers cycling enthusiasts’ many opportunities to see the beautiful and awe-inspiring sights of the country. Cycling in the Central Highlands is rewarding with a view of the landscape studded with tea plantations running seamlessly over the ranges of hills, terraced rice cultivation and farmlands. The network of main roads and innumerable country roads, gravel paths, foot paths, cart tracks, dirt tracks and estate tracks make all corners of the small island accessible to the cycling aficionados holidaying in this island nation. Those who love the

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