Elephant Riding Sri Lanka

Elephant Riding Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka most of the wild elephants living in Minneriya, Kaudulla, Wasgamauwa national park area. Indeed, 200 – 250 Domestic elephants living on this island. In fact, Sri Lanka few places are available for elephant riding. Elephant ride in Sri Lanka is a very popular activity among the children and also one of the favorites of the adults. The scenery Elephant ride is not only a ride; it is a marvelous way to explore the Sri Lankan nature. You will get a chance to ride though wildest regions and attractive riverside scenery -if you are dreaming to have a ride with this intelligent mammal, this is the best chance you will ever get.

While you are on round tour, don’t forget to enjoy the elephant ride as it will be a memorable activity which you ever have. There are few famous places for elephant ride in Sri Lanka such as Pinnawala, Sigiriya, Habarana, Ahungalla and so on. But, the best places for elephant rides are Sigiriya and Habarana. Elephant ride in Sigiriya and Habarana is a delightful experience as this riding path moves through lakes, villages and wildlife. Elephant ride in a Sigiriya or Habarana is not just a mammal ride, but truly an adventurous experience.

Top Elephant Riding Places in Sri Lanka

Habarana Elephant Ride

Habarana is a popular location among the wildlife enthusiasts and nature tourists. Because it’s central location of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, attracts many culture tourists. So, habarana is the transit point for the large herds of wild elephants at the National Parks of Minneriya and Kaudulla.

Elephant Ride Pinnawala

You can have amusing time with these exquisite creatures of Mother Nature. Pinnawala is well-known for paramount locality to relish your holidays with elephants. While elephant ride, you can spot splendid atmosphere, flora and fauna as well as Sri Lanka’s village life. With this greatest creature, you will have utmost memorable experience in your life time.

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