Sri Lanka Top Beaches

Sri Lanka Top Beaches

Over one thousand kilometers of palm fringed sandy beaches encircle the Island. Sri Lanka is never out of season for a beach holiday. The beach resorts in the West Coast, South Coast and the East Coast are the most popular with people who enjoy taking a dip in the warm waters and relaxing on the sandy beach.

MT.LAVINIA: Eleven kilometers south from Colombo along the road to Galle is the beach resort of Mt.Lavinia. the sea is safe for bathing and is a popular bathing spot with clean sandy beaches. the name Lavinia reminds of a secret love affair between a British governor and a local damsel who used to meet at the holiday house of the Governor which stood on the where now the Mt.Lavinia Hotel is located.

BERUWALA: An hour’s drive from Colombo along the south coast will take the visitor to Beruwala that marks the beginning of the South Coast Beach Resort. Beruwala is considered to be the first Muslim settlement in the Island established to be the first Arab traders as far back as the 8th century. There is a famous Muslim mosque at the beachhead close to which is a light house one of several erected along the Sri Lankan.

TRINCOMALEE: Horatio Nelson, the British admiral of the 18th century had on arriving at the Trincomalee harbor described it as the finest harbor in the world. it is a beautiful natural harbor worthy of that description and had been in use from the days of the early Sinhala kings. The old Portuguese/Dutch Fort reminiscent of the colonial rule of the island has the year 1676 inscribed above its entrance by the Dutch. it was subsequently named Fort Frederick by the British.
NEGOMBO: To the north of the Colombo lies Negombo, a busting fishing town with golden beaches and an oallet of color provided by sails and boats against the deep blue of the ocean.
UNAWATUNA: A sleepy peaceful cove with deep still water and a temple overlooking the bay from the protecting cliffs.
HIKKADUWA: A long stretch of beach with plenty of hostels, restaurants and some nice bars, not forgetting the impromptu beach parties held on the beach front on bars. Sri Lanka is a conservative island brimmimg with culture and Hikkaduwa offers an exciting opportunity to holiday for the odd celebratory weekend! Many a volunteer birthday has been seen in over Hikkaduwa cocktails. You can also body board and even surf on this beach.
MIRISSA: Perhaps a contender for the most beautiful beach in the world. Long, deserted and hot. you know you have got away from it all as you sit and watch the sun set over this horizon… The snorkelling is also incredible here.
ARUGAM BAY: this tiny fishing village is Sri Lanka’s newest hot spot and hosts the best surfing and an easy going happy party atmosphere. With its wide sweeping beach in front of the village and year round gorgeous swimming it is no surprise that this bay has developed into a low budget travelers haunt.

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