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Trincomalee and Nilaveli

Pristine White Sands

Trincomalee and Nilaveli


Situated 250 km from the Capital Colombo, Trincomalee is a natural harbor. Horatio Nelson, the British admiral of the 18th century had described Trincomalee as the finest harbor in the world. Trincomalee offers some of the best sea bathing in the country. In the northern stretch of ‘Trinco’, known as Nilaweli, shallow beach goes up to half a mile into the sea. The hot wells and the Pigeon islands are the important places of tourist interest in the vicinity. There is an old Portuguese/Dutch fort reminiscent of the Colonial era.


Nilaveli-situated at a distance of 271 km from Colombo-is a prime beach resort on the East coast. The beach has ample water sports facilities including fishing and sea angling. Nilaveli is ideally situated for sun bathing and diving. A few meters from the coast is a small rocky island good for snorkeling.

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